Façade Art

Is your home your sanctuary?

Do you love your home….or one you used to  live in?

There are lots of reasons to commission a Facade Art home portrait painting of a loved home. You might be moving on, or it might be the home with great memories… or simply one that you have walked passed and admired.

A Façade Art Home Portrait is also a great gift – for the person who has almost everything.

Best of all – it is local and is supporting your arts community.


Commissioning a painting

How does it work?

Commissioning a home portrait painting of your home is easier and more affordable than you might think. Chris works with people who want to capture a cherished architectural memory of part of their lives or a dream goal for the future. To make this easier we have provided standard pricing, time-frames and FAQ’s. You can also peruse other examples to get a feel for her style and make sure that you are a ‘match’.



Chris is Coromandel based but visits Auckland regularly and if your home is in Auckland then her preference is to visit it and see it in person to assess the light and angle to find the image that ‘pops’.

If you are in other locations then she can work from your photos, but you may need to provide a variety to select and work from. If youwould like Chris to visit an out of town location then please contact her directly to discuss options.

Costs and Timing

The most popular commission is an original Acrylic on stretched canvas painting 570mmx 710mm finished and ready to hang for $1200 NZD incl GST. A seperate floating frame is available for an additional $ 300.

Timing varies from 6 weeks to 3 months depending upon the time of year. If you have a deadline please let Chris know at the time of order.

See also FAQ’s below and Terms and Conditions for Commissioned Art

Blue Villa 

Original & Prints Available 



Villa Filligree

Prints Available

Indigo Bungalow

Original & Prints Available

Eastern Villa 

Original & Prints Available 



Villa Symmetry

Original & Prints Available

Grey Lynn Red Steps

SOLD – Commission

Villa Porches 

Original & Prints Available 



Freemans Double Bay

Original & Prints Available

Autumn Villa

Original & Prints Available

Frequently Asked Questions


The finished size of the home portrait painting is generally 560 x 710mm x 35mm deep. It is either horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) format. Other sizes are possible by negotiation from a minimum of 350mm x 450mm to a maximum of 900mmx 1200mm. Circular and square options also available.


The painting is done using artist quality acrylics on stretched canvas and a stretcher frame. It will be finished in a matt or semi-gloss varnish to protect the colours. The work has fixings on the back and is ready to hang. The edges will be finished in a crisp white or charcoal/black to suit the image. Alternatively an additional floating frame can be purchased for the painting to inset into – see Frame question below.


A finished painting of 500x700mm on a stretcher frame weighs less that 2kg and therefore is easy to hang. If you elect to purchase a floating frame then this adds approx. another 2 kg to the weight –  so 4 kg total plus packaging.


If you are asking for courier purposes the packaging into double corrugated art cartons with bubble wrap and tissue protection adds and additional 2kg to the weight. That’s 5-6kg overall. Alternatively for overseas transportation it is possible to remove the canvas from the stretcher frame and roll it in tissue and transport it in a tube. This option is very safe for the painting and brings it down to under 500g including the tube/protection.


An additional floating frame can be purchased for the stretched canvas to sit into. (No Glass) These are handmade by an artisan in Rotorua, New Zealand of pine timber and have a 3-5mm shadow gap around the painting and a 5mm timber edge by 60mm deep.
The frames are available in black, white or a natural timber with a clear coat finish and are approx $300 each.

If you have a special request or some timber you would like to recycle then he would be happy to talk to you about that – contact me and I’m happy to pass on his details.

You can also buy it ‘as is’ and then order a frame at any point in the future. It will come pre-drilled and is easy to assemble with a screwdriver.


A3 and A4 glicee fine art quality prints are available in addition to the original work. We can also print calendars, cards or other promotional material from the image. We note that the artist retains the rights to the digital image unless agreed otherwise and included at the time of purchase.

What if I don't like it?

I guess this is everyone’s fear. If I commission a piece of art and then when it is finished I’m disappointed but feel that I have to take it? We don’t want that to happen and so there are a few things we do to make sure that we don’t get to that.

  1. The style Chris uses is very evident on the gallery of previous works. The image will change but the style will be similar. If you like that style then you are likely to be happy with the finished work. Chris will never outsource the order, or use completely different materials than those identified on the T&C’s for commissioned works. She also won’t rush it or leave it unfinished.
  2. At the time of commencing Chris will show you the cropped image, or images she is intending to use for your painting. That way this will not be a surprise. But it is also not a photograph. She will probably elect to leave our rubbish bins, security and electrical stuff and any other ‘distractions’ to your beautiful home.
  3. At the time of ordering, you have paid only 50% of the purchase price. When it’s nearly done she will send you a digital image. If you are unhappy with that image then you should have the discussion then and Chris will attempt to resolve any issues. Failing that a mediator could be appointed to assist with resolution. To avoid this lose-lose situation, we will work hard to prevent this from occurring.
  4. Good communication: we will update you by email on the progress of your art work.
Home Types/Styles

My home is not a villa – Does Chris do other styles of house?

Whilst the examples are mostly charming and photogenic Villas, Chris will take commission for different styles and eras of house as long as she believes she can make a home portrait painting that both parties will be pleased with. The paintings are hand crafted and take time… and it shows. They are imbued with an energy that a photograph simply doesn’t have and both parties need to be happy.


I don’t live in Auckland, Can Chris work from photos?

Yes – we might have to send a few digital images to get there. Chris will look for angles and sun/shadows plus crops the image to include any great features or to highlight something special. The image should be high resolution, but a phone image is fine.


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